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the high ponytail dance

edited December 2017 in Nintendo Clubhouse
the high ponytail dance

the ponytail is displayed on all the heads of the fashionistas this season. a boon for those who are in a hurry. in a few minutes, it gives you the perfect look for the dance. it's just a matter of the refinement. to achieve this, get your hair at the top of the skull. flatten it with a brush. tie them up with a rubber band, tightening up easy. select a league wide enough for your ponytail, braid.

wrap the rope around the obtained elastic in order to hide in? the original. in a cloud of spray finishing, high anti moisture spray spray, jean louis david. the dance floor is waiting for you.
little trick. you can also hide the elastic with an accessory, such as a tape or a metal ring.

it's the perfect hairstyle for your face out, to poise or develop your favorite jewelry. to make your hair less, tie your hair with an elastic ponytail. then the length inside a foam bun (chosen according to the color of your hair. put it at the base of the fastener.
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