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Plastic wood floor maintenance method

The moistureproof of real wood floor mainly includes two respects: one is the moistureproof processing when the shop is installed, two is the moistureproof of ordinary use. When paving wood floor, need to spread moistureproof film Barefoot Friendly Wood Plastic Floor Sales , besmear moistureproof oil, do not use damp plywood and wooden fangs. In the doorway ground of kitchen, toilet and so on, floor tile or stone material serves as a transition, lest enter and exit into water, reduce the damp that is close to its doorway floor.

In daily life, often happen accidentally spilled the water on the ground, at this moment need not nervous, because as long as the quantity is not big, time is not long, won't cause what effect to the floor, as long as the timely and wipe dry. If there is a rainy weather or wet weather in the south, some people will worry about the expansion and deformation of real wood floor water content.

In fact, the real wood floor board that sells in the market, the surface basically has been handled with paint, the ability of floor imbibe drops greatly, the increase of moisture content requires a long time and process, as a result, consumers need not worry too much.

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