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Elevator Manufacturer - FUJIHD Elevator Co., Ltd.

Fujihd Elevator Co, Ltd, or simply known as Fujihd, recently launched a broad range of passenger elevators for residential and commercial buildings.

FUJIHD Elevator Co., Ltd. is a professional Elevator Manufacturer who designs and manufactures complete elevators, escalators and moving walks,as well as elevator parts. The company covers a land area of over 100,000 square meters with more than 47,000 square meters of factory houses and 17,000 square meters of office area. Currently, more than 500 employees work for FUJIHD, which includes 92 engineering technicians.

It has a full set of advanced manufacturing and processing equipments and perfect testing instruments, such as CNC multi-station turret punch press, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, acceleration tester, speed- governor tester, laser guide-rail measuring instrument etc. It fulfills all the conditions for manufacturing elevators, escalators and moving walks etc. The company fully introduces the most advanced elevator control technology in the world to ensure the product technology is on the industry-leading level.

The company has rich product varieties. We can satisfy diverse requirements from various users. The products scope covers passenger elevator, observation elevator, bed elevator, freight elevator, hydraulic elevator, car elevator, small machine room elevator, machine room-less elevator, home elevator, dumbwaiter, escalator and moving walk. The superior service guarantees the outstanding product performance.

In order to satisfy the requirements from different areas, users and levels, the company has established one-continuous-line of highly-efficient work system from elevator design, manufacture, installation, modernization and maintenance. From design to manufacture, from installation to maintenance, we endeavor to satisfy the clients' individual requirements. Our nation-wide service networks, well-trained engineering staff provides the customers with perfect services according to fixed work standard wholeheartedly. We have formulated and implemented a set of strict installation management process and operation rules to ensure our customers rest at ease. has different type elevator, include:

Escalator and Moving walkway

Passenger Elevator with Machine Room less

Observation Elevator with machine room less

Home Elevator with Machine Room less

Freight Elevator with Machine Room less

Hospital elevator with Machine Room less

Car elevator with machine Room less

Hydraulic Elevator with Machine Room less

About the Company

Fujihd is a global distributor and supplier of elevator systems.

To know more, visit or find them on Skype: hengdafuji.

Media Contact
Company Name: FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr.Ken (G.manager)
Phone: +86-572-3061000
Address:No.1888, Renrui West Road, Nanxun
City: Huzhou
State: Zhejiang
Country: China
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