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keep your jewellery even more cost effective and reusable

For the ultimate flexibility, thomas sabo anillos you can always use glow paints. After all, why bother embellishing your jewellery, when you can take a short cut and embellish your body? Luminous, glow in the dark paints are freely available and reasonably cheap; you can colour either your hair or your body, to really make you stand out in the crowd in a club, bar or house party.

Many people don't know it, thomas sabo pendientes but there is a special way to keep your jewellery even more cost effective and reusable. If you pop your glow stick or glow in the dark jewellery into the fridge or freezer for two or three hours, it can last up three nights instead of the usual one. This is because the cold temperature of the fridge or freezer will turn the mixture of chemicals inside semi-solid, which in turn slows down the photon release. The photon release is what provides the light in your glow stick, when chemicals called 'fluorophores' mix in a complicated chemical process called 'chemiluminescence.'

On the other hand, thomas sabo joyas if you want a really bright glow stick, the opposite technique will work: heat up your glow stick bracelets or necklaces by leaving them on a radiator for a while, and they'll shine even more brightly than normal! Of course, the drawback to this trick is that the light in the sticks won't last as long; but if you've bought in bulk, you can easily replace the sticks in your bracelets and necklaces as the light in them runs down.
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