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a new material

In the long run, developing a new material to change the state of over-reliance on copper is also one step ahead of the market and one step ahead of other competitors. In recent years, some enterprises have also invested funds and manpower in the research and development of new materials. Aluminum cables, copper-clad aluminum and copper-clad steel products have Cheapest Composite Boards for Kennel Decking been developed successively. However, at present, the practice of the market is still far from perfect. And then because of performance and recycling and many other reasons in the application of a great deal of restrictions, failed to set off a confrontation with copper, copper and new balance of the atmosphere.

However, from the immediate objective reality, the development of new materials to replace copper, is still an urgent measure! Because at present our country's wire and cable industry is suffering from overcapacity, intense competition, if you can not find and colored composite deck tiles manufacturer Norway develop high-tech, high performance new material instead of the increasingly expensive copper prices, the wire and cable industry is undoubtedly a Constraints.

For the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, it is undoubtedly also a tie-in, a serious drag on the profit margins of manufacturing enterprises.In addition, coupled with China's construction industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry precast panel supplier singapore are facing greater development and adjustment, As well as the acceleration of urbanization, is a bigger business opportunity for aluminum alloy cables.

The temperature difference in the central and western regions is large, the span is large, and the distance is long. The cost advantage of aluminum alloy cables is very obvious. Therefore, from a national policy point of view, with the development and continuous optimization of aluminum cables, instead of copper cable is very likely. At present, China has started to develop aluminum alloy single-wire and aluminum power cables related to national standards and industry standards, is now in the examination and approval stage. The standard promulgated, the largest wire and cable procurement Does Lowes Install Fences? unit - National Grid is expected to be included in the purchase of aluminum cables, so that the aluminum alloy cable to obtain greater room for development.

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