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Quick look to evga 1050 2gb

GTX 1050 2Gb is Nvidia's latest release based on Pascal GP107 architecture. It's also the most power-efficient graphics card from Nvidia and the same as the RX 460, has a TDP of 75 watts and does not have a 6 pin power port. This means there is no room for overclocking with this EVGA Series VGA Card. But since EVGA is the cheapest brand amongst others, its performance is pretty good for its price.

With Boost GPU, you will still get a small performance boost that may not be significant. But that's why an additional power port for overclocking does not exist on this graphics card, as this is an entry level graphics card and it also will not give a boost from 40fps to 50 fps.

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This card has 2GB GDDR5 memory, 640 CUDA cores equivalent to the GTX 750 Ti maxwell VGA Card in the same price range. But if you compare the performance of GTX 1050 with GTX 750 Ti, its performance is better about 40% and even better than the more expensive series that is GTX 950.

If you want a graphics card that can play most games with ultra settings at 1080p and 40-50 fps, then this VGA Card is the right choice for you. But if you want to get 60 fps then you can set the setting is not ultra but high and still enjoy good graphics with a fairly smooth 60 fps performance.
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