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in order to create the effect of hair

edited October 2017 in Everything Else
the technique. look forward to meeting all of your hair easily in a quilt. don't pull your hair in order to keep the volume at the roots. select the location of your home by moving it to the top of the head, so that it is high in the neck or in a ponytail. set without too tight with elastic, can get some fine streaks on the edges of the face in order to create the effect of hair.

it is without doubt the cut to be comfortable. the bun is your hair around the hair and avoid heat stroke. to make the sport as a night out, it's out of opportunities.

the technique. start with a ponytail in height to create the base of the hair. then you wrap length on themselves to form a bun high ground and set up with a rubber band. during the day, give out the tips of the hair to make the octopus bun trend, in the evening like a version good and tight.

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