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advance a round of promotion, for 22

Real Madrid play the Champions League multi-horror? 22 consecutive qualifying + away 50 wins over Europe
, Real Madrid 6 ball victory over the Greeks athletics,
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won the Champions League 50th win in the game, advance a round of promotion, for 22 consecutive years the Champions League qualifying, all record, 6-0 is also the greatest scorer in the history of the Real Madrid team Champions victory.

6 wins the Champions League record of victory, Real Madrid Champions League for 22 consecutive years reached the knockout

Real Madrid as long as the current round of victory, no matter Dortmund and Tottenham hit a war result, can advance a round of promotion. Assencio instead of Isco, played a prominent role in the forecourt, continuous planning deadly fast counterattack, Real Madrid even into the first half 4 ball ahead, the Greek Athletic was a continuous loss of the ball to destroy the sense of resistance, the second half lost two goals.

Real Madrid soldiers do not blasphemy scored opponents, a round of qualifying ahead of schedule, as Dortmund at home Totally reversed, the group ranking has been finalized, 13 points Tottenham won the group name, Real Madrid 10 points against each other as less than the London team, Lock the group name, the last round of group stage basically just go through the field. Zidane satisfied: "This is a perfect game for us, qualifying for the 16 strong, zero goal conceded, 6 goals, Benzema 2 goals, 2 goals C Lo."

Champions League last season, the Champions League group stage is behind the multi-row second, does not affect their ultimate success defending, but because of this season except Besiktas, the current are the traditional top five league domineering
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top spot, 16 draw Real Madrid may encounter Paris, Manchester City and Liverpool and other powerful enemies. To this end, Carvalhal final side before throwing the ball deliberately delaying time, the referee revealed the only yellow card in the campaign, Spain's final group stage suspension, the knockout for the knockout battles.

This season is Real Madrid for the 22nd consecutive season the Champions League qualifying qualifying playoffs continue to refresh the history of the Champions League, the Champions League debut more than two seasons in the team, no other ball will be able to do every season the team qualify, only Real Madrid One. With the pre-reform Champions League era, Real Madrid has 26 consecutive Champions League qualifying from the group, also maintained a historical record.

Real Madrid campaign full fire, the first 45 minutes to 4-0 lead, but also the team history for the first time in the Champions League offensive opponents poured into the 4 ball. In November 2011, the Galaxy fleet led Zurich 4-0 at halftime, leading Dynamo Zagreb 4-1 in September 2014, but both were at home. Coupled with the pre-reform Champions League, which is Real Madrid for the first time in nearly 40 years away to half-time Champions League scored 4 goals, or against Luxembourg in 1978 against Nexteer. Real Madrid is also the first time in the history of the Champions League four semi-team into the 4-ball team, only the 2014-15 season before the Bayern guest war in Rome have done, but there are three times this season, Real Madrid Liverpool before the guest horse Ripple battle, and the same day the Leipzig passenger battle Monaco.

The campaign wins, is also the 50th victory since the Real Madrid Champions League victory, setting a record. Ranked second place, 49 wins in Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich 43 wins, followed by 42 wins Manchester United, 30 wins Arsenal, AC Milan and 28 wins with Chelsea. 6 ball victory over the Greek athletics, or the biggest score of Real Madrid Champions League victorious away road, with the pre-reform Champions League, the White Army on the back of the offensive win over the ball 6 goals, but also in September 1978 the Battle of Nidek 7-0.

Real Madrid Champions League 50 wins, history first

Sagittarius self-confidence, need to keep scoring to improve, so the campaign were 2 shots 1 pass, C Lo Benzema are good things, especially before the season 13 war only scored 2 goals France center, 45 minutes before the campaign will be Scalping twice to help him recover the state, Zinedine Zidane to continue to defend the Apostle: "Benzema is not talkative, emotional introverted, what the outside world will not affect him." Qi Zu also brought good news, "Bell, Navas and Kovacese will be followed by the team training together on Thursday," BBC combination of re-fit the day is not far

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